The benefits of concentrated kibble

A friend once mentioned that there are dog owners and there are dog people. Which one are you? I’m a “dog person,” and I assume you are too! At GENUINE, we work tirelessly to produce and deliver the ultimate in pet nutrition because we LOVE dogs! We don’t chase marketing trends or use gimmicks to sell our food. Instead, we focus on what truly benefits your dog nutritionally, avoiding market trickery and appeals to emotion that are misleading.

Our goal is the same as yours: to help your dog thrive

Throughout my years in the industry, I’ve never been fond of anthropomorphic foods and treats – a fancy term for attributing human characteristics to nonhuman animals or things. When it comes to your dog’s food, what’s best nutritionally might not appeal to you, but it will allow your dog to thrive!

The best delivery system for canine nutrition:

We’ve always believed that dry food is the best delivery system for canine nutrition. Why? Because it offers the highest quality and quantity of nutrition per cup compared to semi-moist or canned foods. Each kibble is complete and balanced, ensuring your dog gets all the essential nutrients in every bite. There’s no sorting of pieces, so you can be confident that your pup’s meal is truly complete and balanced. This is crucial for growing puppies, active dogs, dogs that aren’t feeling well, and seniors who need the right nutrients to maintain muscle mass and immune function.

We don’t charge for water!

Moist foods can contain up to 90% water and only 10% actual nutrients. Even if it’s 50% water, you’re still paying for only half the nutritional value. For picky eaters, every morsel counts, and you don’t want to fill their stomach with water at the expense of essential nutrients. Plus, shipping water adds unnecessary cost and wasteful packaging.

Why GENUINE is a better choice than moist food:

Dog owners deserve 100% satisfaction and a wholesome product at all times.

Dry food is wholesome, less prone to microbiological concerns, and doesn’t require refrigeration. Leaving moist food out can lead to contamination – something I wouldn’t risk with my dog.

Dry food supports oral hygiene.

Each bite helps clean teeth, reducing bad breath and the need for dental procedures, which can be costly and risky. While we should all brush our dog’s teeth (I’ll share tips in a future blog), each meal of GENUINE helps maintain oral health.

Dogs thrive on consistency

You might think eating the same food every day is boring, but dogs thrive on consistency. If your pup is excited at mealtime, they aren’t bored with their food. If you must add variety, do so sparingly with human foods like baby carrots, frozen blueberries, air-popped popcorn, or low-calorie dog treats. However, the best treat is always GENUINE kibbles.

We deliver GENUINE in dry form because:

  • It provides complete and balanced nutrition in every delicious bite
  • We prioritize nutrition over anthropomorphic trends
  • We don’t believe in selling water
  • It’s convenient and safe
  • It supports oral hygiene
  • We are DOG people, and we LOVE dogs!


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