“GENUINE has worked extremely well for all my fosters”

From Sherrie Householder:

“I have fostered dogs for a local rescue for more years than I can count! GENUINE has worked extremely well for all my fosters. My fosters are treated the same as a personal dogs!”


“Pumpkin is a 2-year-old dachshund and a foster dog who has recently been moved to GENUINE. It is not known what she was eating prior to coming into rescue, as she is a breeder release. What I can say about her being on GENUINE since coming into foster is that her coat has become more vivid in color and shiny.”


“My dogs are my children and I would not feed food that could hurt my baby. Tasha is 15 years young and for the past year I have been feeding her GENUINE. The reason is simple, I want to keep my baby around for many more years. Since being in GENUINE she is back to being playful and more lively.”


“My sweet little girl is now 10 years old has been eating GENUINE for a year. Pippin is more lively and playful since being on this food. She remains active and happy, and I would not change her diet. She eats only when she is hungry and as you can tell, she stays very trim and actually eats less than she did prior to GENUINE.

I have no concerns with her staying on GENUINE as she continues to age based on the sheer quality of the food. I am one happy Mom!”


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