“His coat is beautiful, and he’s full of energy.”

“Our rescue cocker mix, Murphy is such a blessing to my wife Sue and I. We wanted the best food possible for him. I met Chip a couple years ago, while he and his wife Diane were still in the development stage of Genuine Dog Food. He offered us to try it with Murphy and we of course accepted. Wow, what a difference it has made! Because of Genuine’s nutritional values, we feed him less and he’s more satisfied. His coat is beautiful, and he’s full of energy. At first we mixed it in with his regular food and used it as treats so he could get used to it. Now it’s Genuine all the way! We love it so much, we talk about it on our online radio station, DowntownDaytonRadio.com and feature it on our website with a link to genuinedogfood.com. We also love the fact we don’t have to go to the store to buy it. A couple of clicks on the computer and it shows up on our doorstep! You owe it to your furry friend to try it. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks Diane and Chip for your dedication. I know it’s been your life’s work and you’re really good at it. It shows in Murphy’s eyes!”


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